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October 24, 2021

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WE GOT A HOUSE! + Why We’re Renting For 2 More Years

Our journey to homeownership has been…slow and steady. On purpose. Let me start by filling you in on how this all began.

Before I got married, I lived with my parents. Yes, a 25 year old woman — still living at home in the room that she grew up in. And let me tell you, I had NO shame in my game! I was proud to be living under a roof that I didn’t have to pay for. My parents are the coolest people in the world and I enjoy being around them. One of my sisters got married and moved to a different state, and the other one is always traveling so I hardly saw her anyway. I was able to focus on growing my business, not have to worry about any heavy expenses & save my money, and not stress. Fast forward to the end of 2018…

Elliot moved to Indiana and stayed with us until we got married. Don’t worry, he slept in the basement and we weren’t allowed to sleep in the same room until we said “I do.” My parents don’t play that. We continued to live at my parents house until 3 months after we got married. We didn’t mind and it made the transition to getting our own place a little smoother. We were able to focus on Elliot getting a good job in the city and save money. 

Our first home together was of course an apartment. It wasn’t much, but it was perfect for us and we loved it. We always knew that one day we’d be homeowners and build the house of our dreams together — but where we were in life at the time…that dream seemed super out of our reach. We were content with what we had. We conceived Elora the first week of us being in that apartment and later moved to a bigger one with an extra bedroom in the same complex. We didn’t love that one so much. Actually, we hated it lol. I’ll talk about the pros & cons of renting in a moment, but man! Living there was not a great experience. We were able to get out of that lease by the grace of God and our journey to North Carolina began thereafter.

Once we got to NC, our dream of becoming homeowners started to become more & more real. We signed a 12 month lease for the luxury apartment we’re in now (at the time that you’re reading this). The plan was to start our search for our perfect house…or at least start the process of finding/building one. Earlier this year we started browsing, talking to realtors, lenders, and friends/family who are homeowners. We (quickly) discovered that…

1.) Homeownership is not all that it’s hyped up to be. Actually, it’s pretty intense lol.

2.) The market is insane right now (and not in a good way). It is unwise (in our eyes) to purchase.

3.) I want to build instead of buying a home that’s already built.

4.) The house that I really want is very expensive and we need to make more money to make this happen lol.

As a result, we decided to renew our lease here for another 16 months and when that’s up, the plan was to finally purchase. The only problem was that even though this is a 3 bedroom apartment, it’s still not enough space for us as a family. We’ve completely outgrown apartments. Elliot needs his own workspace/man cave, I need a bigger office/studio, Elora needs her own dedicated playroom, we need a backyard, and many other things. I grew discontent in my heart, but I was/am still grateful for this place.


Y’all know that God works in mysterious ways, right? Let me tell you how *insert testimony service*

One night I was laying in bed watching my shows (like I do every night). The Lord spoke to me and told me to start looking at houses on the Trulia app. So I did. With no strings attached, without expecting anything, without feeling any kind of emotions…I looked. The very first house I came across caught my eye. There were only two photos of it — the front of the house and the backyard. I decided to put my information in, again, without expecting anything. The next day I received an email from the owner asking if we were available to see the house. Of course I said yes because I was curious to see what it looked like on the inside and we went to go see it the next day. When we pulled up, the house was even more gorgeous in person than it was in the photos. My heart dropped, and I literally said the most basic prayer. “Lord, give us favor in Jesus’ name.” We met the owners and they showed us around the house — a gorgeous, 4 bedroom home with a loft, a huge studio office space, a beautiful backyard with a large deck and a garden, and plenty of natural light. I fell in love, but my mind wouldn’t let my heart get attached because I knew my feelings would get hurt lol. After the tour, Elliot and I went off into a corner and talked. Long story short, we both really wanted the house but figured it wouldn’t be on the market for too long because the owner said so, and…I mean…it’s perfect. When we left, we discussed it further on the way back home. He told me that if I really wanted it, then we’d do it. I texted the owners thanking them again for their time and allowing us to tour their beautiful home. 

As we were giving Elora a bath, I noticed that I had a missed call. It was the owner. He left a voicemail telling me to give him a call back. So I did. My heart was literally racing at that point.

He told me that they really liked us and that there was something about us that drew them in. Mind you, there were 5 other families who toured the house before we did. They wanted to offer us first dibs on the home and that they’d take the listing down if we had the security deposit by Monday. They told us that we didn’t even have to pay the first month’s rent. Last night, we signed the lease and our move-in date is set for January. Two minutes after I got off the phone, I received an email notification from Trulia saying that the house was off the market!

Elliot and I both know that this was indeed a God thing and a special plan in His will. We also know that this is another stepping stone for us to become homeowners. I don’t mind the fact that we’re renting this house instead of buying, because…

  1. This isn’t necessarily my custom dream home that I truly desire deep down. Although it’s a 4 bedroom home, it’s still not ideal for our growing family in the future. We do have to plan more children and everyone needs their own bedroom lol.
  1. The landlords take care of the hefty stuff. If a pipe bursts, that’s on them. If there’s a bug problem, that ain’t our problem. There is no maintenance responsibility. I’m not in the place mentally to handle everything that comes with homeownership. 
  1. This gives us more than enough time to focus on our finances, save as much money as we can, and get what we really want.
  1. There’s no long-term commitment. 2 years is the perfect amount of time for us to devise a solid plan and put it into action.

I only have 2 reservations which would be the cons: 

  1. It’s not OUR house. We don’t own it. So I’m limited in the things that I can do without their approval as far as decor & renovations go. Thankfully, the owners don’t mind if we paint, but we have to paint it back to the original color before we move out.
  1. They’re able to raise the rent rate at any given time. And I ain’t even gonna lie…it’s already expensive enough.

Renting is the best option for us at this current time in our lives. We’re extremely grateful that the Lord led us to this house –– regardless of if we’re renting or buying it. It’s ours until our lease is up as far as I can tell. 

Please do not allow the renting vs. buying debate on social media steer you away from doing what’s best for you and your family. Embrace your own process. Embrace the season of life that you’re in currently. Trust in the fact that God’s timing is perfect and so is His plan. Celebrate your rental. Celebrate your purchase. Anything done in God’s will is worth celebrating. 

We’re so excited for this new chapter in our lives and we can’t wait to take you guys with us along the journey. Get ready for all of the home decor content!!! Because it’s coming girl. 

Xo – Riss

  1. Chaney Perry says:

    Love this blog post. It reminds me of the process we went through my husband and I. And although we are homeowners now, likely we’ll need more room and space still bc we plan to extend our family even more.

    • Lorissa Nelson says:

      Glad you enjoyed it, Chaney! Would you say being a homeowner is overrated? I’d love to hear your perspective.

  2. To2leeblsd says:

    Yaaaay!! So excited for you guys! Enjoy the journey to home ownership!☺️

  3. Mrs. Chi says:

    So good. The important thing is being grateful for every stage in life and enjoying the process, whether as a first time homeowner, or renting a home for the first time. Both are special moments. Congratulations!!!!!

  4. Shanae says:

    Friend I’m so happy for you all! I can’t wait to visit and I know your going to do your think with the decor! God bless you and your new home friend!! ❤️❤️ And blessing to this new blog!

  5. Gabriella says:

    I’m currently apartment hunting and this was so encouraging. The word says we will overcome by the blood of the lamb and word of our testimony. This was just what I needed to read praise God.

  6. Candace says:

    I’ve always thought buying a home was overrated…until I met my husband lol we’re taking our time as well so this is very encouraging. Blessings!!

  7. Jasmine says:

    Oh my goodness!!! GOD IS GOOD. Congratulations! I know first hand that being a homeowner is NO joke! My mother was extremely set on becoming a homeowner and she rented my entire childhood to save/build her credit and finally did the same year I went to college in 2011. She’s still in that house and when I tell you there is something new wrong with that darn house every other month! The garage door will go out, the dishwasher will stop working, THE HOMEOWNER’S ASSOCIATION ALWAYS GOT SOMETHING TO SAY (if you live in a subdivision), the roof needs to be redone, it’s just always something! That’s what I do love about being in an apartment because those things can be fixed with a quick maintenance call. It’s definitely more pricey moving into an actual house, but also it’s beautiful to say you OWN that property. Like its YOURS. And you can flip it and sell it for more or just customize your space to make you & your family comfortable + happy. There’s beauty in both living situations! I’m so excited for your family and the home decor videos you got coming! I just know you’re going to go all out! Congratulations again!

  8. Demetreana says:

    This blog made me cry because God is so wonderful! Congratulations! I’m happy for you all.

  9. Sandy says:

    Congratulations ❣ This is a GREAT idea. This will give you a chance to see what you like and dislike; if you want granite vs quartz; if you want dark or light hardwood floors; etc etc. I’ve had the opportunity to build 4 times .. in the end, it was over-rated. Would I do it again? Yes 😍

  10. This is awesome!!! I’m so excited for you all. It reminds me of my journey with my husband. We started off in an apartment, bought a home, sold the home and now rent. We were unsure of buying again because of our military moves. Renting really has had its perks. Although we don’t own this current home we love it and we have made so many memories here. If we decide to buy again I am able to really decide what I do and don’t want in a house.

    Thanks for sharing. The read was so refreshing, relatable and intriguing. Onto reading your next blog post!

  11. Brenda Lockett says:

    I Love Your Faith In GOD ❤️
    I’m Sooo Proud Of You And Elliot 💖💖
    Congratulations on Your Beautiful Home! One of My Favorite Colors
    Tears Of Joy!

  12. Tyler says:

    I love it ! My husband and I battled the same thing. Rent or own, and we decided renting right now is this best option! I’m so godly proud of you !!!! Such an Inspiration.

  13. Gail P. says:

    Does this mean you will no longer be posting on YouTube.

  14. RuBlue says:

    Great testimony and you do inspire may god guide and bless you finding your dream house, your journey very interesting and much appreciated, mind blowing thank you for sharing

  15. Takia says:

    Congratulations! Gods Timing is PERFECT! Even when we feel like he is distant he is still working it out. That prayer was answered IMMEDIATELY! ❤️ I can’t wait to see your home content.

  16. Kenyetta says:

    Congratulations! When I come to visit my boyfriend (fiance now so weird saying that) I drive by your place and would hope to run into you guys at Target or Tj Maxx.I love you guys. I am moving that way next year after we get married.We did the parade of homes few weeks ago there and Yes the housing market is redunkulous! I have a house and he has his own there but we definitely need a bigger house because we want something new together but we might tough it out for a yr or two after the married to get what we really want and hopefully the market won’t be so expensive. Congratulations again and loving the blogs and vlogs

  17. Mikaela Johnson says:

    “I grew discontent in my heart, but I was/am still grateful for this place.” This really sums up my season right now. I have followed your story since you and Elliot first posted your courtship story and my journey has been so similar. Thank you for being an example of wise transparency. It has been a source of hope

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